24-Month Jamon Iberico with Don Bocarte Anchovy Filets

Posted by Gieselle Baerveldt on

This is probably the simplest iteration, but only because the ingredients are such super-stars on their own, no fuss is required.

Porción: 10

•    10 slices of Fermin 24 Month Jamon Iberico
•    10 Don Bocarte Anchovy Filets
•    10 slices of baguette

1.    Remove the anchovies from the oil
2.    Brush each of the baguette slices with a small amount of the oil from the anchovies
3.    Adorn each baguette piece with a slice of the Jamon Iberico and one anchovy filet


(Recipe and photo courtesy of: http://khachilife.com/pintos-party/)

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