Thanks for shopping at Lola & Miguel. We have implemented every possible safeguard to ensure the security and privacy of your transactions with us.



All of your order information is confidential and encrypted so it cannot be accessed by anyone outside of We use the industry leading technology called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to ensure that your information and credit card number are safely transported online. It encrypts all your personal information, including credit card number, name, and address, so it cannot be read as it travels over the Internet.

You can find out if your transaction is guarded by SSL by checking for the picture of the unbroken key or closed lock when you click the Checkout button in the cart. Either indicator means SSL is hard at work.

Still another easy way you can tell if SSL is guarding your transaction is to check the URL address at the top of the page. It should change from 'http' to 'https' when processing secure transactions.



  1. Under the consumer protection legislation in certain provinces in Canada, your bank can hold you liable for fraudulent charges only in an amount of up to $50 or as agreed upon by you and your bank in your credit card agreement, depending on your province of residence.
  2. In the event of unauthorized use of your credit card, you must notify your credit card provider in accordance with its reporting rules and procedures.



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