Cefran Saffron from La Mancha

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•    Saffron or Azafran
•    Highest quality, DOP designation
•    From La Mancha, Spain

Saffron, called azafran in Spain, is the dried stigmas of the Saffron flower (Crocus Sativus). The flowers are handpicked and sent to designated houses for separation. The flower specialist, or Mondadora, remove the three stigmas by hand. After the harvest is complete and the stigmas separated, they are toasted. During this final step they lose approximately 80% of their weight and become Saffron Spice. Approximately 250,000 flowers are needed to produce only one kilogram of toasted saffron. The Azafranes Layra Saffron is of the highest quality achieving the coveted DOP designation. Saffron is widely used in kitchens across Spain for its intense taste, aroma, and bright colour. It is a staple in many traditional Spanish meals such as paella, soups, and fish. Store your saffron in a cool dry place, and it can last for 2-3 years.

Size: 1 g bottle
Ingredients: Saffron
Ingrédients: Safran