FUENTE BOMBA RICE / Riz Bomba (1kg)

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•    100% Spanish from Valencia
•    “King of Rice”
•    Perfect for Paella and other Mediterranean dishes

This high quality rice has been grown in the Iberian peninsula since the Middle Ages. The genetic selection of this rice grain was preserved at the Rice Station in Sueca, Valencia in 1929. “Bomba” rice is a very delicate rice to grow and has a limited yield per year. The “Bomba” is a short-grain variety with a slight pearled colour. Of average rice grain size when dried, the “Bomba” can more than double its size when cooked. The rice has a beautiful capacity to absorb flavours and aromas when cooked. Best enjoyed al dente and with your favourite ingredients and spices. This gourmet rice is used in some of the best restaurants around the world and is considered as the “King of Rices”.

Size: 1 kg

Ingredients: Bomba Rice

Ingrédients: Riz Bomba

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