Olmeda Spanish Caperberries / Grand Capre

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•    Spanish caperberries
•    Serve with tapas or to accompany charcuterie
•    Mild flavour, low in acidity

Grown in the highlands of Granada, these caperberries enhance the flavour of any dish. Picked when white beautiful flowers bloom on a caper bush and then cured in salt and water. Milder than capers, they have a refreshing sharpness and mild sweet flavour. They’re low in acidity, and pleasant to eat in a variety of tapas and other dishes. Also try using them in cold salads or seafood dishes.

Size: 360 g

Ingredients: Capers , water, salt, vinegar, preservatives (E-202)

Ingrédients: Capres, eau, sel, vinaigre, conservateurs (E-202)