Fermín Presa Ibérico (Shoulder Steak) / Steak de carré de porc ibérique congelé

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•    Ships frozen
•    Shoulder Steak
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•    100% Spanish Ibérico Pork
•    Humanely raised, free range pigs

The Presa is a cut from the neck muscle that tends to be leaner than the other Ibérico cuts. It still is tender and juicy but without excess fat surrounding the meat.

The Ibérico pigs, also known as the “black-footed pigs”, are a specific cerdo breed that can only be found in Spain. The pigs live in the Dehesa forests near Salamanca where they roam freely and feed on wild herbs, flowers and grass. They are also fed high-quality grains in the last few months of their life. The fresh pork used in this line of grilling meats has been specifically chosen and butchered by experts in Spain and then flash frozen before being shipped across the ocean.

The best way to enjoy this pork is to grill it on medium high heat on both sides after seasoning with sea salt and pepper. The meat tastes best done at medium rare when it’s still slightly pink inside. Rest for five minutes before serving. Serve with a bold Spanish red wine.

Size: 550 g (approx.)

Ingredients: Ibérico Pork

Ingrédients: Porc ibérique