Tips & Tricks for Galician Pulpo Plates

Posted by Gieselle Baerveldt on

Follow our list of Tips & Tricks to prevent your all natural pine wood Galciain Octopus plates from cracking and warping!

Our Galician Octopus Plates are made from all natural delicate pine wood. If not taken care of, the wood may start to show signs of warping or cracking. 

•    For first time use we recommend wiping the plate with olive oil to remove any possible resin aromas.
•    Always hand wash in cold water and wipe dry with cloth immediately, these plates are not dishwasher safe.
•    Always store in a cool dry place and out of any direct heat sources (sunlight, radiators, heat ventilators)

Following these care guidelines will ensure your Galician Pulpo Plates do not crack or warp so you can keep them looking brand new for many tapas parties to come!

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