Clay Dish & Cookware Curing Process

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Follow these 4 easy steps to help prevent cracking in your clay cookware!

Clay cookware is durable and can be used for cooking however it is important that you cure it before its first use (or if you haven’t cooked with it for an extended period). Follow these four easy steps: 

1.    Cover and soak the entire dish in water for 12 hours.
2.    Drain and wipe dry. Fill the dish with water to ½” below the rim. Place the dish over low heat and slowly bring water to boil. 
3.    Let the water boil down until only ½ cup remains.
4.    Cool slowly, and wash.

Other Important Notes:
•    Sudden or dramatic changes in temperature can cause them to crack so it is important to use gradual heat when cooking with clay cookware.
•    Washing instructions: soak in soapy water and scrub with soft brush to remove any stuck on food. 

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