TORRES Spanish Chips - Hot Smoked Paprika (50g)

TORRES Spanish Chips - Hot Smoked Paprika (50g)

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•    Terrific hot smoked paprika flavour 
•    Made in Barcelona, Spain
•    The perfect snack

Torres has been making their gourmet Spanish chips for over fifty years. This snack is perfect for lovers of all things hot and spicy! It combines the warm heat of paprika with the light crunch of a potato chip. There is no better pairing! Whether you choose to eat them as a side at dinner, share them for tapas, or have a personal snack just for you with a glass of red wine, these chips will have you longing for more. Treat yourself!

Size: 50 g

Ingredients: Potatoes, sunflower oil, hot smoked paprika “Pimentón de La Vera” (0,6%) and salt.

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