SAN CARLOS - Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500ml)

SAN CARLOS - Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500ml)

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•    Highest Acidity
•    First Harvest
•    Extracted at low temperatures
•    Perfect for potatoes, roasts, cheese, and stews

Indulge in San Carlos' most awarded Cornicabra extra virgin olive oil. Made from Cornicabra olives with hints of Arbequina, this golden oil's aroma has notes of grass, banana, and green apple. It has a persistent taste and strikes a balance between sweet and bitter, allowing a softening of flavour. Its unique flavour palate and aroma is credited to its distinctive microclimate. Grown in the Sierra de Gredos, "where the sun never sets", these olives undergo intense care through their age-old traditions.  

Size: 500 ml

Ingredients: 100% Cornicabra extra virgin olive oil

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