INSTORE PURCHASE ONLY - Pluma Ibérico (Loin Tip/Flank) (Frozen)

INSTORE PURCHASE ONLY - Pluma Ibérico (Loin Tip/Flank) (Frozen)

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•    Loin Tip/Flank, 2 pieces per package
•    100% Spanish Ibérico Pork

Ibérico Pork is the perfect grilling meat. The fat is evenly distributed and when grilled it melts in and around the meat bathing it in full, rich flavour. This meat is tender and juicy as it comes from one of the most sought after pigs in the world – the Iberian Pig. Raised freely in the western part of Spain, Fermin humanely raises this native pure breed and allows them to feed on wild plants, herbs and grass in the forests near Salamanca. Also known as the “black footed pig”, Ibérico is very famous for the rich, nutty flavour in its meat.

The Ibérico pork is high in monosaturated fats - excellent for your health. The meat is a beautiful ruby-red colour and when cooked it instantly melts in your mouth. Season slightly with salt and pepper before grilling the Pluma on high heat until medium-rare. The taste and texture is unlike any other pork you’ve tried, guaranteed. Pair this deliciously juicy pork with a glass of Spanish red wine. 

Size: 3 pcs/pkg, approx 1.2kg ea

Ingredients: Ibérico Pork

Ingrédients: Porc ibérique

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