INSTORE PURCHASE ONLY - Panceta Ibérica (Belly Skin-On) (Frozen)

INSTORE PURCHASE ONLY - Panceta Ibérica (Belly Skin-On) (Frozen)

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•    Available frozen
•    Panceta, Belly with skin-on
•    100% Ibérico Pork
•    Melts in your mouth

This Panceta is one of our favourites. This cut has the most flavour as it is mainly composed of fat from the underbelly of the pig. The richness of the fat and delicate texture of the meat allows it to melt away on the tongue. Don’t worry – these monosaturated fats are actually good for you!

Made only from 100% pure Ibérico meat from Western Spain. The pigs are raised in the Dehesa forests near Salamanca where they feed on fresh flowers, wild herbs and grass. They are raised humanely and butchered with care and precision.

There is nothing better than crisp, fatty Ibérico Panceta on a salad, a side dish or sprinkled over potatoes. Its irresistible flavour makes it one of the best bacon in the world. 

Size: 8 pc, approx 1.25kg ea

Ingredients: Ibérico Pork

Ingrédients: Porc ibérique

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