Paella Grill System Barbacoa with Burner (40cm)

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  • Quality grill system
  • Has a removable grill
  • Propane burner
  • Use with wood, propane or charcoal
  • Gas hose not included

Enjoy traditional paella with this special Spanish Grill System. The famous dish of Paella, made with rice, saffron, fish or meat was originally cooked over open flames.

There are three different ways of using this grill system. With propane, you can have complete control over the flames and temperature by using the special regulator that is included in the kit. With wood, or the traditional leña wood, infuse your paella with smoky flavours for a more natural, rustic taste. With charcoal, have the coals very hot and this too will add deep, smoky flavours to your dish.

Use the removable grill to prepare other vegetables and side dishes such as chorizo or fried cheese. It is the perfect addition to your backyard patio and to share with friends and family for a uniquely Spanish meal.

Size:  40 cm (15.8 inches)

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