O-MED Flor de Sal (Salt) from Spain (100g)

O-MED Flor de Sal (Salt) from Spain (100g)

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•    No technical or industrial methods are used
•    High content in natural minerals like iod, iron and calcium
•    Less concentration of NaCl, due to its natural manufacturing process
•    Enriches dishes, dissolving easily on food

Enhance your dishes with this delicate Spanish finishing salt. Flor de Sal (Also known as: "Flower of Salt") is a light salt, which enriches the preexisting flavour of food. It gets its trade name is "Sal de Ielo" due to the way its crystals float like ice on frozen seas. It is harvested by hand in the summer afternoons of the "Isla de Leon" in Cadiz, San Fernando, Spain.

Size: 100 g

Ingredients: Flor de Sal

Ingrédients: Fleur de sel

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