INSTORE PURCHASE ONLY - Lomo Ibérico (Loin) (Frozen)

INSTORE PURCHASE ONLY - Lomo Ibérico (Loin) (Frozen)

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•    Loin
•    Spanish Ibérico
•    Free-range and humanely raised

The loin is a cut that is always extremely juicy and packed with flavour. The free-range, humanely raised Ibérico pork is especially tender and perfect for grilling. The pigs are raised in the Dehesa forests near Salamanca where they feed on fresh flowers, wild herbs and grass. The meat produced is a dark, rub-red in colour with beautiful marbling of fat throughout.

We recommend grilling the loin at a high temperature, seasoned with a pinch of salt and pepper. Best served at medium rare after resting for five minutes once cooked. This meat is both juicy and delicious – perfect for a summer time barbeque dinner. Serve with a big glass of red wine and enjoy the richness of this unique Spanish meat.

Size: 2 pcs. approx 2.5 kg

Ingredients: Ibérico Pork

Ingrédients: Porc ibérique

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