JAMON de JUVILES TREVELEZ - Boneless 20 Month (IGP Consortium)

JAMON de JUVILES TREVELEZ - Boneless 20 Month (IGP Consortium)

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•    100% all natural (nitrate & nitrite free)
•    Boneless
•    Cured for a minimum of 20 months

We are proud to be the first retailer in North America to offer the 100% all natural Jamon de Trevelez IGP. This incredible product hails from Juviles, a 1,300 year old town nestled amongst the hills of the Sierra Nevada in the province of Granada. It is here that Jamones de Juviles, a 50 year old family run organization, operates a marble laden top of the line curing facility. They process of air drying is completely natural using only the dry air from the mountains directly above the factory. At Juviles they monitor the climate conditions daily and regulate the natural flow of the air accordingly. This was the method that made Spanish ham world famous.


In order to receive the IGP designation by the consortium, Jamones de Juviles only uses salt to cure their hams. While this prolongs the curing process the result is an incredible dry cured ham that is both nitrate and nitrite free. While the Trevelez is produced using a breed of white pig it is important to note that this is not a Serrano ham, but rather a separate product all together. The boneless legs are cured for a minimum of 20 months at 1,260 metres above sea level. Due to the regulations surrounding the production of Jamon de Trevelez the finished product ends up being 35% larger than any other ham produced in Spain. Widely considered to be one of the best dry cured hams, Jamon de Trevelez should be served thinly sliced at room temperature.

Size: 5.5 kg (approx.)

Ingredients: Pork, sea salt

Ingrédients: Porc, sel de mer

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