Serrano - Bone-out

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•    Cured for 18 months
•    From Spain
•    Mild flavour with firm texture

Fuente Gran Reserva hams are produced in a small mid-eastern town in Spain near Zaragoza. The white pigs are fed with high quality grains and are free to roam and consume plants and grasses native to this area of Spain. A combination of salt and other seasonings are used during the curing process to give the Gran Reserva a phenomenal taste. The legs are hung in open air curing rooms exposed to changing temperatures that help produce hams with exceptional flavour and colour. 

Gran Reserva Serrano is prefect by itself as a snack, or as part of your next charcutuerie board. It pairs well with a variety of cheeses, breads and olives. It should always be sliced thin and served at room temperature. If wrapped well and stored in a cool, dry place it can last for several months.

Size: 5 kg (approx.)

Ingredients: Pork, salt

Ingredients: Porc, sel

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