CHIQUILIN - Spanish Smoked Paprika (75g)

CHIQUILIN - Spanish Smoked Paprika (75g)

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•    Classic Spanish Smoked Paprika
•    Rich in antioxidants and nutrients
•    Smoked using a traditional Spanish technique
•    An excellent addition to paella, beef, lam, and roasted vegetables

Chiquilin's smoked paprika is packed with flavour and has a powerful smoky overtone. Chiquilin has been making paprika for over 100 years. Their Smokey paprika is like no other. Spain has a unique technique that they use to get their signature smoked paprika. The peppers are slowly dried over a seething fire of oak wood, the flavour is concentrated and then ground using traditional stones. There is a reason their paprika is well known, it is crafted with love and tradition in mind. Their paprika has a full body flavour and pungent smoky aroma. 

*Do not overcook paprika, due to its high sugar content it will burn*

Size: 75 g

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