CHIQUILIN - Spanish Hot Paprika (75g)

CHIQUILIN - Spanish Hot Paprika (75g)

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•    Classic Spanish Hot Paprika
•    Rich in antioxidants and nutrients
•    Pimenton Picante originates from Alicante, Spain
•    An excellent addition to paella, chili beans, bbq, and roasted vegetables

Chiquilin's smoked paprika is packed with flavour heat. Chiquilin has been making paprika for over 100 years. Their Hot paprika is like no other, the perfect balance of sweet and smoky. There is a reason their paprika is well known, it is crafted with love and tradition in mind. Their paprika has a full body flavour and will light up your tastebuds!

*Do not overcook paprika, due to its high sugar content it will burn*

Size: 75 g

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