BLAZQUEZ Chorizo Ibérico Vela (200g)

BLAZQUEZ Chorizo Ibérico Vela (200g)

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•    Approx 200g
•    Spanish Ibérico pork
•    Seasoned with pimenton, garlic and oregano
•    Vela style

The Chorizo Ibérico Vela is a cured sausage from Spain made with pork of the Ibérico breed. These black pigs are only found in Spain and Jamones Ibericos Blazquez raises the native animals in the western side of the country near Salamanca. The Chorizo Ibérico is seasoned with pimenton which is a smoked paprika produced and used in Spain. The combination of the pimenton, oregano, garlic and the mouthwatering ibérico pork makes for an incomparable chorizo. Attention and care are used in the raising of the ibérico pigs. They are free-range animals and feed on the wild herbs, grasses and the forest floors near the town of Guijuelo. The pigs also eat high-quality grains and are slaughtered humanely on location. The pork is seasoned and stuffed in natural pork casings to be then hung in special curing rooms open to cold mountain air. These traditional methods used when dry-curing the Chorizo Ibérico result in a lovely texture and flavour, heavily influenced by the changing temperatures of this beautiful mountainous area. Enjoy the ruby red chorizo, packed with flavour, on a piece of bread or along side cheese and olives. It’s bound to be the favourite on any charcuterie board or tapas spread. Paired with a bold Spanish wine or sherry it makes a lovely evening aperitif. ‘Longaniza’ refers to the shape and length of the chorizo dry-cured sausage. 

Size: Approx 200 g

Ingredients: Pork, salt, paprika, seasoning (dexrose, dextrin), garlic, seasoning (sugar, trisodium citrate, sodium nitrate, potassium nitrate, sodium ascorbate), oregano, olive oil.

Ingrédients: Porc, salt, paprika, assaisonnement (dextrine, dextrose), ail, assaisonnement (sucre, citrate trisodique, nitrate de sodium, nitrate de potassium, ascorbate de sodium), origan, huile d'olive

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