FUENTE Dry Cured Ibérico Panceta (400g = 1 Unit)

FUENTE Dry Cured Ibérico Panceta (400g = 1 Unit)

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•    * Item is fattier than it appears in the photo (this is a good thing - It's Iberico!) * 
•    From the world famous Ibérico pig
•    Perfect for cooking due it's *delicious Iberico fat*
•    Can be enjoyed sliced as is or cooked

Fuente Dry Cured Iberico Panceta is made from the world famous Iberico pig giving it the same smooth and delicate flavour you have come to expect from all Ibérico products. Slice it thick, and cook slowly at a low heat for delicious Ibérico bacon. Alternatively, slice thin place on a sliced baguette and season with salt, pepper, and extra virgin olive oil and enjoy the natural flavour and smoothness of the melting fat at room temperature. 

Size: 400g per unit

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