EL MAJUELO - Reserva Sherry Vinegar (500ml)

EL MAJUELO - Reserva Sherry Vinegar (500ml)

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•    Produced used traditional ‘Criaderas y Soleras’ system
•    Aged in oak barrels
•    7% Acidity

The El Majuelo Sherry Vinegar Reserva is produced from meticulously selected sherry wines and then aged for years in American oak barrels using the traditional ‘Criaderas y Soleras system. It is the process of mixing the newest vinegars with the more mature that creates this well balanced product. It’s recommended for use in salad dressing, soups, gazpacho and pairs well with various fruits. 

Size: 500 ml
Ingredients: Sherry Vinegar Reserve, E-220
Ingrédients: Vinagre de /jerez Reserva, E-220

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