DELITERRANEA - Gordal Spanish Olives (355g)

DELITERRANEA - Gordal Spanish Olives (355g)

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•    Spanish Gordals are large, firm and have a nutty fresh flavour

•    Known as giant queen olives or 'Queens' for their size

•    Our favourite for the nickname and the perfect tapas pairing

Gordal Spanish olives are a tapas favourite for their robust meaty size.  We can eat cazuelas full of Deliterranea Spanish Gordals here at Lola & Miguel! The perfect martini garnish due to the Gordal's size and subtle flavour. We love our Gordals with a slection of Jamon, Conservas and manchego cheese.

Deliterranea brings you only the finest Spanish olives, sourced from small olive farmers in the Andalusian region of Seville, Spain.  The Andalusian climate makes it an ideal location for growing Gordal olives, which is one of the most important tree crops in the region.

 Size: Net Weight 355 ml

Ingredients:  Gordal Spanish olives, water, salt, citric acid, lactic acid, potassium sorbate, ascorbic acid.

Ingrédients:  Olives espagnoles Gordal, eau, sel, acide citrique, acide lactique, sorbate de potassium, acide ascorbique.

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