Smoked Hot Paprika Fuente (75 g)

Smoked Hot Paprika Fuente (75 g)

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•    Spanish Smoked ‘Pimenton’
•    Slightly hot and spicy
•    100% Spanish
•    Dried with Oak and Holm Oak

Paprika is a commonly used spice in Spain made from the grinding of “Capsicum annum” in traditional stone mills. This artisan tradition takes place in Loscar de la Vera, where a family has passed down the knowledge of how to best produce this powerful spice. After it is ground, the spice is then dried with Oak and Holm Oak to infuse it with its smoky flavours. This results in an intense smoky flavour with a kick of hot spice. The Paprika is a beautiful deep red colour. Most essential in the Mediterranean diet, it can be used in soups, sauces, pickles, meats and fish or when curing chorizo sausage. Paprika is commonly used in Rioja-style potatoes, Galician-style octopus or in lentils with chorizo. A little goes a long way with this Spanish spice!

Size: 75g

Ingredients: Paprika

Ingrédients: Paprika

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