DELITERRANEA Empeltre Spanish Olives (210 g)

DELITERRANEA Empeltre Spanish Olives (210 g)

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  • Empeltre Spanish olives have a deep rich flavour and are medium sized black olives
  • Seasoned with salt (no water)
  • Whole olive
  • Open and serve - tapas party ready!


Empeltre Spanish olives are a medium-sized, black olive used both as a table olive and to produce a high-quality olive oil. They are primarily grown in the Spanish regions of Aragon and the Balearic Islands. Enjoy their deep rich flavour with Jamon and Chorizo and glass of fine Spanish Sherry. 

Deliterranea brings you only the finest Spanish olives, sourced from small olive farmers in Spain.


Size: Net weight 210 g


Ingredients: Empeltre Spanish olives and salt.

Ingrédients: Olives espagnoles Empeltre et sel.

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