BLAZQUEZ Salchichon Ibérico Vela Extra / Saucisson de porc ibérique extra salé à sec

BLAZQUEZ Salchichon Ibérico Vela Extra / Saucisson de porc ibérique extra salé à sec

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•    Made with Ibérico pork
•    Traditional Spanish Salchichon
•    Cured and seasoned with black pepper

Different from the classic chorizo made with paprika, Salchichon Ibérico is a cured sausage seasoned with only black ground pepper and salt. The simplistic recipe is used for the sole purpose of tasting the incredible and complex flavours of the Jamón Ibérico. The Iberian pig, also known as the black footed pig lives in the western part of Spain in the forests near Salamanca. The native breed’s diet of fresh grass, herbs and flowers as well as regular exercise help develop the taste and texture of the meat. The pork is lightly seasoned, stuffed in casings, hung to dry and then cured for several months. Located in a small mountain town of Guijuelo, the producers Blazquez allow the cold fresh air to pass through the curing rooms to achieve specific temperatures and climates for the salchichon to mature. This process gives the cured meat a desired texture and taste. We are proud of the traditions and attention to detail Jamones Ibericos Blazquez uses in producing these cured meats. The Salchichon Ibérico has a coarser grind and the evenly distributed cuts of fat give even more flavour to this cured sausage. To enjoy, cut in half inch slices and allow it to come to room temperature.  

Size: 370 - 385 g (approx.)

Ingredients: Iberico pork, salt, seasoning (dextrin, dextrose), garlic, seasoning (sugar, trisodium citrate, sodium nitrate, potassium nitrate, sodium ascorbate), nutmeg, black pepper, white pepper

Ingrédients: Porc iberique, sel, assaisonnement (dextrine, dextrose), ail, assaisonnement (sucre, citrate trisodique, nitrate de sodium, nitrate de potassium, ascorbate de sodium), noix de muscade, poivre noir, poivre blanc

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