Cambados Cockles (Berberechos) from Galicia / Coques de galice au natural

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•    30/40 Count
•    Imported from the Galician coast of Spain
•    Crisp, clean, & fresh taste
•    Spanish delicacy

In Spain canned seafood has long been served in restaurants, bars and in the home as a gourmet dish. Cockles, or Berberechos, are small edible salt water clams that are handpicked along the coast of the Galician region in northwestern Spain. The process of hand picking ensures that only the best in size and quality are used. Careful attention is paid to processing & packaging so that you are able to enjoy a beautiful can of shellfish in its sweet fresh salt water from the Rias Gallegas in your own home. The Berberechos are ready to eat right from the can, no cooking necessary. Peel back the lid and serve with small tapas items such as Jamón Serrano, almonds, and crusty bread.

Size: 111 g
Ingredients: cockles, water and salt
Ingrédients: coques, eau et sel