Cambados Clams (Almejas) from Galicia / Palourdes de galice au natural

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•    Imported from the Galician region of Spain
•    Crisp, clean & fresh taste!
•    Spanish delicacy

Canned shellfish in Spain is considered a delicacy, and is enjoyed country wide in restaurants and bars. The Almejas are distinctive delicious clams native to the sand banks of Galicia. Like many of the shellfish from this area, the Almejas are harvested by hand. Each clam is carefully selected based on its size and quality before being sent to Conservas de Cambados canning facility located close to the shore. They are individually placed in the cans, which are then filled with briney water to maintain the freshness of each clam. This process ensures that when you open the can at home it tastes like it just came out of the ocean! The Almejas are ready to eat right from the can, just peel back the lid and add to your next tapas board! 

Size: 111g

Ingredients: clams, water, salt

Ingrédients: palourdes, eau, sel