Paella Kit for Two (with Bomba Rice)

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There isn’t a dish more synonymous with Spanish culture then Paella. This rice dish hails from the Valencia region of Spain where it gained popularity in the mid-nineteenth century. This crowd pleasing dish is great for a gathering of friends or for a romantic date night at home! Paella is easily tailored to suit the protein and vegetable preferences of anyone in your home. Pair with a Spanish red wine and crusty baguette and enjoy a little taste of Spain!

'Paella Kit for Two' includes:

30cm Polished and Dimpled Paella Pan

1 jar Olmeda Piquillo Peppers / Poivrons de piquillo

1 tin Fuente Smoked Hot & Spicy Paprika / Paprika fume piquant

1 package Palacios Mild Chorizo / Chorizo seche

1 piece Fermin Salchichon Iberico Longaniza / Saucisson de porc ibérique longaniza salé à sec

1 package Fuente Bomba Rice / Riz Bomba

1 jar Cefran Spanish Saffron

1 Paella Spoon


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