Fermín Costilla Ibérica (Back Ribs) / Côtes de dos de porc ibérique congelées

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•    Free-range and humanely raised

The Spare Ribs hold on to every bit of flavour when grilled and are intensely juicy. The cut is from the thoracic cavity and is highly marbled in fat and ruby-red in colour. The rack is a perfect choice for a dinner party with friends ready to experience something new with spectacular flavour.

The Ibérico pigs, also known as the “black-footed pigs”, are a specific cerdo breed that can only be found in Spain. The pigs live in the Dehesa forests near Salamanca where they roam freely and feed on wild herbs, flowers and grass. They are also fed high-quality grains in the last few months of their life. The fresh pork used for this line of grilling meats has been specifically chosen and butchered by experts in Spain and then flash frozen before being shipped across the ocean.

Best grilled at a high temperature until medium rare. Season with salt and pepper before grilling and do not overcook. 

Size: 1.5 kg (approx.)

Ingredients: Ibérico Pork

Ingrédients: Porc ibérique