Cambados Tuna Belly (Ventresca de Bonito) in Olive Oil / Ventrèche de thon germon blanc à l'huile d'olive

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•    Tender & mild fillets
•    Packed in olive oil
•    Spanish delicacy

The tuna belly, or ventresca de bonito, has long be considered the best tasting part of any tuna. These fillets are extremely tender with a mild buttery flavour and are best served on a freshly sliced baguette. Conservas de Cambados hand packs each fillet in the can before filling it with olive oil and sealing to maintain freshness. This gourmet treat is sure to be a crowd pleaser and delight your tastebuds. 

Size: 111 g

Ingredients: Tuna belly (white tuna), olive oil, salt

Ingrédients: Ventrèche thon germon blanc (thon blanc), huile d'olive et sel