Cambados Razor Clams (Navajas) from Galicia (Small) / Couteaux de mer au natural (petite)

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•    Imported from the Galician coast of Spain
•    Crisp, clean and fresh taste!
•    Spanish delicacy

Canned shellfish in Spain is considered a delicacy, and is enjoyed country wide in restaurants and bars. Razor Clams, or Navajas, differ from other clam species in their long appearance, texture and full flavour. Caught off the Galician coast in northwestern Spain, these clams are delicately packed into each can by hand and filled with a watery brine to maintain the freshness. They are ready to eat, or try sautéing them in olive oil, garlic and parsley for a different take on the traditional!

Size: 111 g

Ingredients: razor clams, water, salt

Ingrédients: couteaux, eau, sel