Fermin 24 Month Boneless Serrano / Jambon de montagne salé à sec désossé

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•    Spanish Jamón Serrano
•    Boneless and vacuum sealed
•    Cured for approximately 2 years

Jamón Serrano is a traditional cured meat made and found in every household throughout Spain. It is delicious as a starter with cheese, bread, olives and paired with a red wine. Cured for approximately two years in the old mountain town of La Alberca, Jamón Serrano is an authentic taste of the country and its culinary culture.The pigs are raised humanely in the mountainous region near Salamanca in western Spain. They are free to roam and live outdoors to feed on the autochthonous plants and are provided high-quality grains. Each leg of Spanish ham is hung to dry and cure in specifically designed curing rooms. With time and attention to care of handling and curing, the meat develops a fantastic flavour without too much saltiness and thus not overpowering the taste. Serrano ham is unique to other cured meats in the world because it is cured in open air rooms with changing temperatures and clean mountain air. The result is noticeable in both flavour and firmness of texture. The boneless Jamón Serrano lasts for months in the refrigerator. Slice when cold and allow the meat to come to room temperature to enhance its delicious flavours. 

Size: 5 kg (approx.)

Ingredients: Pork, salt, seasoning (sugar, sodium citrate, potassium nitrate, sodium nitrate)

Ingrédients: Porc, sel, assaisonnement (sucre, citrate de trisodium, nitrate de sodium, nitrate de potassium)