The Granada Ham Holder

Product Code: HH5000
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•    Easy to put together
•    Solid wood with steel components
•    Includes knife and sharpening steel
•    Perfect for whole Spanish Hams

This basic ham holder is crucial for slicing and displaying a whole Spanish jamón. The holder allows you to slice cured jamón thinly and accurately when serving it to guests, friends and family. The holder is made of solid wood with steel components. It is appealing to the eye, uncomplicated to assemble and easy to clean. The basic ham holder is durable and sturdy for holding full legs of cured jamón. Owning a ham holder is important for carving the jamón properly. Slicing accurately helps prevent any loss of meat and can be an impressive skill to share with others.

This holder presents the jamón nicely for guests, friends and at parties or events. When cared for properly, cleaned and kept in a cool place, jamón can be stored in the holder for several weeks. We recommend using this holder with a bone-in ham, however, boneless ham and larger pieces may fit. Be sure to refrigerate boneless hams between use.