The Valencia Ham Holder

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  • Wood base with stainless steel components
  • Perfect for whole bone in cured jamon
  • Made in Spain

The Black Hoof Ham Holder is our upgraded version that has a more professional, clean and sleek look. This ham holder is essential for helping you make thin slices of whole-cured Jamón Serrano, Iberico or Bellota. It is constructed of a solid wood base with stainless steel fixtures. Slicing jamón is a crowd-pleaser for friends, family and guests at social events or celebrations. This elegant holder assists in keeping the leg of jamón secure for making thin, accurate slices to prevent any excess loss of meat. The ham can be stored on the holder for several weeks when properly cleaned and stored in a cool, dry place. We recommend using this holder with a bone-in ham, however boneless pieces may sometimes fit. Be sure to refrigerate boneless hams between uses.