Olmeda Piquillo Pepper de Pueblo (Tin Can) / Poivrons de Piquillo (Boîte de Conserve)

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•    Roasted Sweet Spanish Peppers
•    Hand-picked and peeled
•    Serve as is or stuffed

Olmeda Piquillo Peppers come from an area near La Rioja in Azagra, Navarra. Hand-picked between the months of September and November and then carefully roasted, each pepper is then peeled by hand, packed and preserved in tins. They are both sweet and slightly smoky in flavour and have an intense red colour. Try using them in salads or with meat, fish, rice, etc. You can also try stuffing the peppers and then roasting or frying them.

Size: 390 g

Ingredients: Pepper del piquillo, salt

Ingrédients: Poivron de Piquillo, sel, scide citrique