Fermín Solomillo Ibérico (Tenderloin) / Longe ibérique désossée congelée

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•    NEW SIZE – now 450g
•    Ships frozen
•    100% Spanish Ibérico
•    Tenderloin cut
•    Extremely tender and juicy

Ibérico is known for its incredible rich flavour, texture and tenderness- and no cut stands out more than Solomilo. The tenderloin is taken from the back along the spine of the pig. This cut is astonishingly tender and melts away on your tongue. The meat tastes nutty and rich. Ibérico pork is unique in its extensive marbling of fat throughout.

The Ibérico pigs are a special cerdo breed that can only be found in Spain. Jamones Fermin humanely raises these pigs in open pastures and feeds them a diet of high-quality grain in for the last few months of their life.

We recommend grilling the tenderloin on a high temperature, seasoned with a pinch of salt and pepper. Best served at medium rare after resting for five minutes. This meat is both juicy and delicious – perfect for a summer time barbeque dinner. Serve with a big glass of red wine and enjoy the richness of this unique Spanish meat. 

Size: 450 g (approx.)

Ingredients: Ibérico Pork

Ingrédients: Porc ibérique